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Are you experiencing car shaking, pulling, tire wear or a non-straight steering wheel? Your car may need alignment work done. Our team of highly-qualified technicians will detect the problem with our state-of-the-art equipment and fix it in a professional, courteous and knowledgeable manner. If you’re looking for wheel alignment services in Calgary, stop on by Master Tune. Even minor alignment issues can negatively affect your fuel efficiency and can cause excessive wear to your tires. Some common causes of wheel alignment issues include:

Hitting a Curb

Let’s face it; we’ve all bumped a curb from time-to-time. Unfortunately, hitting a curb can cause one or more wheels to become misaligned.

Driving over Potholes

Potholes are a primary culprit for disrupting wheel alignment. Hitting a pothole pushes the wheel and the suspension backwards and upwards, causing a serious shock to your vehicles suspension and steering, often causing misalignment.

Neglecting Routine Maintenance

It’s imperative that vehicle alignment is included with your routine vehicle maintenance. Your wheel alignment is important for your vehicle’s handling and safety.

Speeding over Speed Bumps

Hitting a speed bump at a regular road speed can jar your suspension and cause your wheels to be thrown out of alignment.

Vehicle Accidents

Even fender benders that show no visible damage to your vehicle can cause your wheels to become misaligned. Minor issues with alignment can become much worse over time, so if you’ve been in an accident, regardless how severe, it’s important to have your vehicle inspected by the team at Master Tune.

If you think your wheels may be misaligned, we encourage you to bring your vehicle in to Master Tune for an inspection.

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