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Air Conditioning Service and Repairs in Calgary

The first day of summer arrives and you turn on your A/C only to get a blast of hot air from vents! That’s when you phone Master Tune! Did you know you lose 5 - 10% of cooling Freon gas each year? Without maintenance, your A/C system has to work harder to cool your vehicle, which means more wear on A/C components and increased repair costs. For air conditioning service and repairs in Calgary, trust the experienced technicians at Master Tune.

Although there are many brands of vehicles, the air conditioning systems are all designed and manufactured very similarly. Automotive air conditioners are made up of a few basic components that are linked together by hoses and pipes whose primary function is to control the comfort of the passengers within the cabin.

6 Signs Your Air Conditioning Needs Service

Blows hot air when set to cold

Runs constantly but never cools vehicle

Inconsistent temperature control

Makes odd noises

Vent air volume weaker than usual

Stale, mouldy or damp smell from vents

Our Heating and Air Conditioning Repair Services Include

Heating and cooling system diagnostics

Air conditioning repair and service

Heating system repair and service

Belt repair and replacement

Compressor repair and replacement

Evaporator repair and replacement

Refrigerant replacement

If you have any questions regarding our air conditioning services, we welcome you to give us a call today.

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