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Exhaust System Services in Calgary

A vehicle’s exhaust system is exposed to the elements, including rocks, snow, salt, dirt and other road hazards. As your exhaust system is responsible for transferring toxic gas out of your vehicle, it’s imperative that there are no issues with it. At Master Tune, our team of experienced, courteous and knowledgeable technicians can handle any exhaust issues with ease. If your vehicle has exhaust issues, it may be dangerous to drive it to our shop. But not to worry! We offer towing services and roadside assistance. Some issues that may indicate problems with your exhaust system include:

Vehicle is very noisy

Vehicle vibrates while driving

Car has an odd odour

Exhaust hanging

Our Exhaust Services Include:

Exhaust repair and replacement

Muffler repair and replacement

Tailpipe repair and replacement

Catalytic converter repair

Exhaust manifold repair

Exhaust upgrades

At Master Tune, We Can Inspect:


Holes and splits

Catalytic converter

O2 sensors

Manifolds for leaks and cracks

If you are concerned that your vehicle may have exhaust issues, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

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