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Your vehicle’s suspension is what connects the wheels to the body of your vehicle, and is responsible for your vehicles handling and comfortability of driving. The suspension is comprised of springs, struts and shocks. A damaged or worn out suspension can make your vehicle unsafe to drive so it’s important to address any suspension issues right away. At Master Tune, we provide comprehensive suspension repair and replacement services in Calgary. Below are a few indicators that your suspension may require work:

Uneven or Excessive Tire Wear

If you are rotating your tires regularly, but you are notice balding or uneven or excessive tire wear, it may be an indication that your suspension needs repairs.

Erratic Steering, Including Drifting or Pulling during Turns

It’s quite common when a suspension system is failing for your car to feel like its drifting or pulling during turns. This indicates that your shocks aren’t creating stability during the centrifugal force of a turn, which can increase the risk of a roll-over.

Car Dips When Stopping

If your shocks are worn out, your vehicle may dip or “nose dive” when you apply the brakes. Damaged or worn out suspensions can greatly reduce your vehicles ability to stop quickly (by up to 20%).

Feeling Every Bump in the Road

If you notice that you’re feeling all the bumps in a road, it can indicate that your shocks or struts are wearing down and you should bring your vehicle in for a suspension inspection.

Bent or Damaged Parts

If you provide a visual inspection of your suspension and you notice bent or damaged parts, bring your vehicle in right away before this problem amplifies.

The Bounce Test

If you think your vehicle may have suspension issues, you can perform the bounce test. With your car in park, press the nose down and bounce it a few times then let go. If the car continues to bounce 2 - 3 times after you let go, the suspension is wearing out. This test can be performed on the front and rear of your vehicle.

If you have any questions regarding your suspension, we welcome you to stop by our shop or give us a call today.

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